Our time here is limited. Years, Days, Hours or Minutes. Let us live each moment fully and create lasting memories from the heart for the future of our world to embrace.
Welcome to my website. Come on in and have a look around. Take some time to explore the different links so you can have a better understanding of who I am and what I can offer you. I have searched over the years and found the path I need to walk and embrace. My approach to mediumship is one of giving what I get. My readings aren't filled with fluff, I simply tell you what I see, feel, hear or smell. I consider myself a vessel for Spirit to work through and I take my work with the seriousness it requires. Because of the Medium research work I have completed in the past, I have continued to conduct my readings similar to the way I did the research, only I have expanded on it to bringing it to a more personal level so you as well can experience the connection with your loved one. So open the window to the other side and let their light shine in.

Janet Mayer's New Book

Spirits . . .They Are Present

Is Spontaneously speaking indigenous Brazilian rainforest languages proof of reincarnation? Or proof of channeling? Decide for yourself as you walk the path of psychic medium Janet Mayer. You'll encounter her life experiences of fear, her path to spiritual awakening, mediumship transformation and her two bouts with cancer. She reveals fascinating stories of spiritual life lessons, clients' stories and signs from the other side showing that death is a transition, not an end.

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